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EYERIS is the proprietary Novel μ-structure Patch to deliver over 80% of active ingredients into skin without pain. EYERIS is the first and only μ-structure product that uses the cross-linked HA as base matrix in a form of biodegradable or dissolving microstructure.
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What is Eyeris?

Eyeris is the Proprietary Novel micro-structure Patch to deliver over 80% of activate ingredients into skin without pain.

Eyeris is the first and only micro-structure product that uses the cross-linked HA as base matrix in a form of biodegradable or dissolving microstructure

Microstructure Eye Patch made by Cross-linked HA & ARGIRELINE peptide.

The state-of-the-art micro patch contains CLHA and ARGIRELINE peptide which dissolves into your skin deeply and relieves your skin dryness.

Ingredients: Sodium Hyluronate, Sodium Hyluronate Crosspolymer-2, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, ARGIRELINE peptide

How to Use
  • 1. Cleanse face thoroughly and dry off completely before application.
  • 2. Peel off the transparent protection film attached at the back of the product.
  • 3. Then peel off carefully the white stickers attached on each sides without touching the center of the patch.
  • 4. Place the patch over the desired area (ex. Crow’s feet).
  • 5. When applying the patch into the skin, do not push the patch so hard but press firmly for 2-3miniutes with fingers and pat down it gently several times to secure it in place. Make sure to avoid rubbing the patch.
  • 6. To maximize the product features, apply the product before going to bed in the night and remove it after wake-up in the morning.
How to use EYERIS
Clinical Study - EYERIS


  • 1. If any one of following symptoms occurs when using eyeris, stop using it and consult a dermatologist, red spot, swelling, itching, stimulus.
  • 2. Do not apply on skin where there is wound, eczema or irritation.
  • 3. Beware of the product getting into eye.
  • 4. Do not use for purpose other than indicated.
  • 5. Storage and cautions for handling:
    • a. Keep out of reach of children.
    • b. Keep away from direct sunlight.
    • c. Apply immediately after unpacking the individual pouch, in order to avoid humidity.

Customer Reviews

    • Sung (5/31/2018)

    I put the patches around my eyes during the night time as instructed. Next morning, I found the wrinkles got visibly smoother. If anyone is scared of botox shots and worried about harmful chemical ingredients, I highly recommend Eyeris to them.

    • Delilah Sands (6/2/2018)

    I received a kit with 3. I chose to use two on my under eye area and one between my eyebrows. Easy to apply, comfortable enough to wear while sleeping and best of all - noticeable results in the morning! I am super impressed with this product.

    • amy (7/23/2018)

    An eye product that does what you expect it to.

    • Michelle Hines (7/23/2018)

    I absolutely love the eyeris eye masks. I love how you can actually place them anywhere on the face not just in the eye area. I put mine in the fridge and they work like a charm. Great product! I highly recommended!

    • chasity caviness (7/23/2018)

    This product works amazing. I suggest wearing overnight. They stay on great and the next morning, no more puffiness and the skin is tighter. This is a must have eye product.